Thorsten O. Zander

Thorsten O. Zander studied mathematics with focus on mathematical logic in Münster, Germany. Following up on this he worked in research groups at the TU Berlin, the Fraunhofer FIRST, the TU Graz, and the MPI for Intelligent Systems in Tübingen.

He received his PhD in 2011 at the TU Berlin for his work in the field of passive brain-computer interfaces (pBCIs), which were defined by him in the year 2008.

Dr. Zander founded the work group Team PhyPA in 2005, which is still led by him today. In 2014, he founded the Community for Passive BCI Research.

He is focusing on the implementation of pBCIs in adaptive human-machine systems. This work connects neurocognitive processes with state-of-the-art methods from signal processing for setting up a user-state detection for adapting learning environments.

Research Interests