Laurens R. Krol

Having obtained a broad background in Industrial Design (BSc, TU Eindhoven, honours student), Laurens R. Krol opted to further specialise in Human Factors (MSc, TU Berlin), where he took an interest in neuroscience and brain-computer interfacing (BCI). His master's thesis provided a first demonstration of implicit control through passive BCI, and he continues research into this direction as a member of Team PhyPA.

During his education, he additionally gathered experience in the field of human-computer interaction at Philips Research Europe, Media Interaction Group, where he implemented and evaluated a gesture-based television interface, and at the TU Berlin, Department of Psychology and Ergonomics, where he helped analyse and improve the software used at the Berlin Fire Department's public emergency answering point.

He is additionally involved in a project aimed at translating the academic results related to active (speller) BCIs into a consumer-usable product.

Research Interests