Jonas Brönstrup

Jonas Brönstrup got his bachelor of science in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering at the TU Berlin in 2006. Afterwards he studied Human Factors at the same place and obtained his master's degree in 2013.

Jonas began working for Prometei, the graduate school at the TU Berlin, in 2011. He was working in a project for the detection of error perception in car drivers via EEG. Within this project he also wrote his master's thesis on error detection during speech recognition. This led him to the field of brain-computer interfaces. He became a Member of Team PhyPA in 2012 and has since then worked on projects with the Leibniz-Institute for Educational Media, the Technical University Munich (Brainflight) and the University of Applied Science in Bremen.

Jonas' scientific interests besides BCI lie with machine learning, programming, and the gamification of human-computer interaction.

Research Interests